Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda: “Pilgrimages and holy places – for whom and why?”

It is said that visiting a holy place bestows the pilgrim with a share of its potential as these locations hold special power and blessing.

If you ask people why they go on pilgrimages or visit sacred sites, they answer that it is one chance to experience and practically get to know the forces of nature – the energies, to ask blessings and to explore the hidden connection points in the Universe between humans and the forces of nature.

It has also been found that the energy of the sacred site enables the pilgrim’s inner world to calm down and can give permanent peace.

Everybody has perhaps heard about somebody who has gone on a seemingly mysterious trip to a faraway country and called it pilgrimage.

What actually is pilgrimage? How does it differ from regular travel and is it necessary to go anywhere at all to make one? Could it be that we already possess within ourselves what we go to search on a pilgrimage? Why is India often associated with it? Is the peace that people expect to find in holy places actually located within and how to practically discover it under the circumstances when it is not possible to travel?


Recording of the lecture will be available soon.

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