Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda: “What are sutras and how to understand their content?”

Siddhas – the enlightened masters – left their discoveries behind over time in the form of stories, legends and sutras. Sutra is a short, perfectly precise utterance that has been written down and that contains njana, a deep practical truth. Perhaps the most well-known writing of the siddhas in the world that has also become a classic is Patanjali’s “The Yoga Sutras”.

The true knowledge in the sutras reveals itself only to those who are ready for it and remains secret for those who are not yet ready to realize the truth. Typically, sutras are not accompanied by explanations as an explanation is always someone’s interpretation dependent on his or her abilities to comprehend the truth behind the saying.

When bound by negative thoughts, their opposite ones should be cultivated. / Patanjali
Noise abides inside peace. / Ishwarananda
Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach. / Aristotle
He who gives everything up, gets everything. / Ishwarananda
Light is knowledge. / Ishwarananda
In the December lecture we decipher some of the sutras of classical and contemporary siddhas.

In his “Path of Wisdom” lecture series Ingvar who has walked the path of siddha-yoga for over 30 years, shares the deeper knowledge discovered on this path with a wider audience in a practical and simple manner characteristic to him. He shows how to integrate the supposedly obscure spiritual knowledge into everyday life and how to discover one’s actual possibilities and potential. Human path is the path of practical wisdom, he says.

Lecture is in Estonian, with translations into English, German, Russian and Finnish.


Recording of the lecture will be available soon.

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