Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda: “What is tantra?”

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Most commonly tantra is associated with a sex camp hidden away from the curious gaze. Such an association distorts the real meaning of tantra.

In the teachings of the Siddhas, tantra has a different meaning – the transformation or reorganization of energies. What are energies and why transform them? Do you have to learn it specifically or does it happen naturally with everyone?

In the July lecture we will investigate what tantra really is and how much it has in common with the popular understanding.

In his “Path of Wisdom” lecture series Ingvar, who has walked the path of siddha-yoga for over 30 years, shares the deeper knowledge discovered on this path with a wider audience in a practical and simple manner characteristic to him. He shows how to integrate the supposedly obscure spiritual knowledge into everyday life and how to discover one’s actual possibilities and potential. Human path is the path of practical wisdom, he says.

Lecture is in English, with translations into Estonian, German, Russian and Finnish.
A replay of the lecture will be available for 14 days.
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