Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda: „What is the Siddha tradition?”

In the September lecture, we will examine the tradition of the Siddhas. We find out who the Siddhas, the ancient scientists were, where we can find traces of their knowledge today, and how their discoveries can be practically used.

“Even at a very young age, I was interested in many different topics: what is happening in nature, what processes control nature, what processes are behind those processes, and how they all influence me. I studied many different traditions to find answers to my questions. Despite devouring information, I did not get exhaustive answers. So I had to start looking for answers myself, immersing myself in reality with nearly microsurgical precision. And I found out a lot more than I ever thought possible.

By experimenting and researching, I realized that only the right sequences of the right “blocks” always give the expected results. In other words,  if you do this, this and this, the result will always follow. These series of definite actions came to be called practices. A lot can be discovered in thirty years with the right methods. I would divide the results into two. The first part contains permanent solutions to the most common human problems resulting in a much easier and smarter life. The second, larger part, however, concerns essential and potential topics. The two parts together form a complete system of human development.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I was curious if anyone else had researched similar topics before me? I found a striking resemblance to the ancient tradition of the Siddhas.”

Ingvar, who has followed the path of siddha-yoga for over 30 years, shares the deeper knowledge he discovered on this journey with the wider public in his own simple and practical way as part of the “Path of Knowledge” series. He shows how to bring seemingly distant spiritual knowledge into everyday life and discover your true abilities and potential. The teachings of the Siddhas are completely practical: do this and you will get results, he says.


Recording of the lecture will be available soon.

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