Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda: “What is the effect of selfless deeds on a person’s life?”

Everything that we do has an influence on our life. The motives for our deeds also play an important role.

Sometimes we may have no other motive than to help others. In other words, we do something without an expectation of return. In the siddhas’ tradition acting in such a way is called selfless service or karma yoga.

It is possible to cultivate selfless service consciously so that it becomes a deep spiritual practice that shapes our future and enables us to change our life and destiny.

In conclusion, selfless service is a powerful means to change one’s fate. However, it needs a proper understanding of what selfless service is.

Is doing good deeds in order to obtain good karma really selfless? Could a wish to feel yourself to be a better person perhaps be a hidden motive? How to recognize your false motives? Is the outcome of different charitable deeds different depending on the motive? Also, can we always assess the situation correctly – could our great desire to help others lead to misjudgement and do a disservice ruining the other person’s chance to learn his or her lesson in life? In the September lecture Ingvar unravels the possibilities of selfless action and its remarkable effect upon our lives for listeners.


Recording of the lecture will be available soon.

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